The information for this page was provided by the management of the featured building and from Houston Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service data.  It is presented to the public as a free service for informational purposes only.  Its presence in this web site does not indicate or imply any special relationship or business connection with the building or developers and Diane Moser Properties.

This page does not constitute an advertisement of property for sale nor does it imply that Diane Moser Properties currently has any listings for sale or lease at this property.  If Diane Moser Properties has listings for sale in this or other projects, they will be advertised in a separate portion of this website and on the Houston Association of Realtors website.  Furthermore, this informational page does not imply that any other real estate company currently has properties listed for sale or lease at this building.

Please contact Diane Moser Properties for information on current market availability or use the free Houston Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Search Service contained in this website.  Diane Moser Properties represents individual Buyer Clients in their purchases of units within this and other buildings when such units are available for sale.  Clients of Diane Moser Properties may request more detailed information than is contained on this page, including comprehensive market data and price trends for any building where the client considers a purchase.

The closed sale and lease prices listed are for properties sold during the time period specified on the page.  During the specified time period, only limited numbers and types of units may have been offered for sale.  Therefore, the closed sale and closed lease data may not reflect the full range of pricing for units, which may become available in the future.  Within a particular building, condominium units with similar floorplans or square footage may differ dramatically in their market value based on the condition and location of the unit.

Please note that the condominium home owners associations and building managers for each property may elect to change the maintenance fees, resident & tenant policies or available building services and amenities, at any time, at their discretion.  Diane Moser Properties is not responsible for updating this page to reflect changes as they occur.  Buyers should verify all information through building management and/or the condominium home owners association before making a decision to purchase.  Clients of Diane Moser Properties may rely on their Buyer's Agent to assist them with this process.  Buyers should read all supplied condominium documents thoroughly during the provided review period before completing their purchase.

The pet policies listed only reflect the building policies in force on the specified date.  Individual owners may select to impose more restrictive pet policies upon their tenants or may choose to prohibit the keeping of any pet animal by their tenant.  Individual owners may not permit tenants to keep any pet animal in violation of the current building pet policy.  Permitted pets are generally limited to dogs, cats and a limted range of caged pets such as birds.  Most buildings prohibit the keeping of exotic animals, livestock (pot-belly pigs, etc.), certain reptiles and other potentially objectionable pets.  All owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their pets under control at all times Consult each building for their detailed pet policies before making a decision to purchase.

The information contained in this website may not accurately reflect current market conditions. The information contained herein is only verified reliable on the specific date referenced for each building.  No warranty or guarantee, express or implied, is made concerning the accuracy of this information, nor the suitability or marketability of any real property.  All units offered for sale through Diane Moser Properties, or any other listing broker, are offered to the public in strict compliance with all Fair Housing guidelines.

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